Custom Cartridges just for you!

Take your precision accuracy game to the next level!

Besides a well built weapon, custom tailored ammunition is the greatest factor in the field of accuracy! We match bullets, cases, powder, and primers from top brands like Hornady, Sierra, Speer, Starline, Hodgdon, Winchester, Federal, Remington, Norma, and Alliant to fit the exact needs of your shooting type. Whether its for hunting, long range precision, 3 Gun Match, Defense, or even general practice, we take from our store of dozens of bullet types, powders, match grade primers, and cases for the best performance from your firearm.

We can even do Wildcat and Obsolete cartridges!

Every case is carefully wet washed and hot air dried, trimmed for consistent length, annealed for long life and maleability, flash hole and neck deburred, and finally sized in match grade dies. We measure the total distance to the lands and grooves for optimum BTO length, hand measure every powder load, hand seat every primer, measure each individual bullet & micrometer hand seat each of them to within 0.0005 of consistent BTO length. From there we measure each assembled cartridge for concentricity, and finally test fire each recipe in your weapon to create the perfect formula!

Each recipe formulation runs $125 for Small Bore Pistols, $155 for Large Bore and Magnum Pistols, $175 for Standard Rifles, $195 for Magnum Rifles up to .30 caliber, and $235 for Magnum Rifles .30 caliber+. Additional $50 for Obsolete and Wildcat calibers. Each recipe includes 40 cartridges for pistol and standard Rifle, 30 cartridges for Magnum Rifle and Obsolete/wildcat.

Additional batches with new brass are $65 for small bore pistol, $85 for Large bore and Magnum pistol, and $115 for Standard Rifle; 30 cartridges for $135 for Magnum rifle up to .30 cal, and $155 for Magnum rifle .30 caliber+. Additional $40 per batch of 30 for Obsolete and Wildcat cartridges.

Bring in your previously fired cases for a single recipe reloading for $10 off a batch for Pistol, $15 off per batch for Rifle and Obsolete/Wildcat cartridges! Minimum of 40 fired cases required per batch for pistol and standard rifle, 30 cases for Magnum Rifles/Wildcat/Obsolete to receive discount. *Accuracy guarantee does not apply if cases of different brand than those of original recipe are brought in for reloading.

  • Prices are subject to change depending on demand and availability. We do our very best to obtain the components of your choosing, however demand fluctuations can create moments of unavailability for certain brands/types of components, or increases in prices for those components. We will absolutely notify you if a certain brand or component of your preference is unavailable or at an increased market price.