Superior Gunsmithing Services

Would you let a school nurse perform brain surgery on you? Of course not! So you shouldn’t allow an amateur to work on your prized weapon investment! The Happy Trigger as the knowledge and experience to bring your weapon to better than factory new!

Comprehensive D.C.O.A. -$45.00

Not your run of the mill cleaning. Our Diassembly, Clean, Oil, and Reassembly service consists of a full strip down of major components to their individual states. From there, small components are soak and cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, while large components are thoroughly stripped of contaminants by hand. All components are compressor dried, lightly greased at extreme contact points, oiled, and reassembled.

Initial Setup & Break-In - $125.00

Congratulations! You got that new off the shelf rifle, but now it needs a scope properly mounted, a thorough cleaning, and most critical of all, a proper barrel break-in! Let us do the hard work for you, start to finish, and walk away with a firearm 100% fit and ready for action! We perform a Comprehensive DCOA front to back, mount and bubble level your scope to your hold for dead center alignment with the best eye relief, and slowly break in you barrel with the utmost care to provide your barrel with the highest obtainable accuracy and long service life.

Comprehensive Scope Mounting & Initial Sight-In - $55.00

Ready to upgrade your scope game? Don't settle for a mediocre mounting and results. We mount and lap your scope rings, mount your scope for your best eye relief, bubble level to top dead center, and torque everything down to industry specifications. We top it off with a ultra accurate zero sight-in to 25 yards.

  • scope base mounting and bedding additional $25

Full Action Job - $95.00

Okay so your weapon shoots accurate, but every time you pull the trigger it feels like it's grating against sandpaper and heavy. Let us fix that! We hand stone and polish every contact surface to a mirror finish, adjust or replace springs to lighten the pull, and give a final molybdenum and polysilicone lubrication for the smoothest, lightest cycling and trigger pull possible.

Custom Bolt Knob - $75.00

Do you ever wish the knob on your trusted bolt rifle had a bit more grip and feel to your liking? Bring in your action and let us install threads onto your handle so you can pick and choose the perfect knob.

*Custom bolt knob additional

Full Restoration - Prices Vary

That old gun isn't junk, just a diamond in the rough. Some of the coolest weapons today are decades of years old! Bring that old glory back into it's finest, like it just came from the factory. Or keep that aged patina look, while getting your firearm back to like new operation, and preserving that heirloom value!

Rifle Stock Bedding - $165

For utmost accuracy, your rifle's action needs to rest rock solid in the stock. That's where action bedding comes into play; we use steel reinforced epoxy to completely cradle the action and first inch of the barrel to stop any extra wiggle that could throw off the harmonics in your shooting.

New Mexico’s ONLY builder of Raptor 375 Weapon Systems!

Custom Builds - Prices Vary

Up your precision game with a one of a kind custom firearm build just for you. Choose the action, receivers, frame, barrel, grips, stock, springs, compensator, whatever you can desire in an apex weapon. You pick the parts, we build it to your specs. On top of the assembly, we perform a full action job to ensure your weapon operates smooth as glass. Start your order today!

Firearm Appraisals - $75.00

Ever wonder what that old rifle or pistol is worth, or need to have a notarized appraisal for each of your firearms for insurance coverage? We can provide a thorough inspection of your firearms, fully graded and notarized for the most comprehensive valuation.